When the Time is Right

I recall a conversation I had with a Mother many moons ago.  Seated in the pediatrician’s waiting room, I nervously attended to my new-born daughter while the fellow mom discussed plans with her son who was maybe five or six.  She was stressing the importance of being on his best behavior in the coming week.  Because the waiting area was so small or perhaps it was the lack of sleep, I found myself engrossed in her conversation and my weirdo-glaring must have caught her attention.  Without asking any questions, she simply explained, she was going away for a small vacation without her children.

I suppose my jaw dropped to the floor because she knowingly explained, “When the time is right, you will know.”

Eight years later, I find myself ready to embark on such a trip.  In a few short days, I will be boarding a plane and flying away with Hubby while the children will be safely on the ground in their very own rooms under the care of my parents and in-laws.  From the moment the trip was booked, I was consumed with worry.  And now that the our depature date is so close,  I decided to write down the schedule my parents and in-laws would need to follow – a cheat sheet of sorts -to the help them manage through the week.  Mind you, the week we selected for our “adult vacation” could not be more perfect.  All after school activities have concluded and there are no birthday parties or meetings or events populating the schedule.  But none the less, I sat at my desk and began writing, “While We Are Away”.

Within minutes I was finished with my cheat sheet.

Important phone numbers, check.

Schedule, check.

Lnch ideas, check.

Friends, this sheet was just one page and prepared in one simple chart.  Didn’t I write a 20-page instructional when I left the children for one night back in 2007?

One page.  Just one page?

Looking back, I now understand what was mean by When the Time is Right.  My children and parents and in-laws will manage just fine without us because The Time IS Right.



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