Summer, Bring it On!

I pride myself in being a fairly organized person.  Almost everything has a place in my house and when it doesn’t, there is a catch-all basket that it can call home.  I can light up the screen on Google Calendar like it’s 4th of July all year round, and of course – it syncs to my iPhone and that of my Hubby’s too.  Need an email from last year?  Chances are, I have that too.  Both my work and personal email have folders and sub folders because you never know when you are going to need THAT email again.

Let me add, this is not something that came about recently either.  I have been “like this” for years.  Some people call it organized.  Others call it obsessive compulsive.  I call it CMP – nope, not Certified Meeting Planner but Certified Mama Planner!   And never does this skill come in more handy than when the summer months fall upon us.  Thirteen weeks (and sometimes 14 weeks ) of combining camp, beach, day trips, nannies, vacations all while working a full work week at the office.  Granted, the element of “do your homework” and “it’s bed-time” are eliminated from this time of year, the summer truly puts my planning skills to the test.

And this summer is no different!  At a recent end-of-year event, my fellow CMP’s were comparing summer activity notes. After some time was spent discussing carpool days, pick up, drop offs and vacation schedules, it was difficult to wrap my head around who I was to pick up, when I was needed for drop off and which camp I was going to.  Frustrated, my one fellow CMP declared,  “It’s going to be in excel. You’ll get the schedule this week!”  My friends, this schedule is elaborate.  Three sets of parents carpooling five children to three different camps for the coming 13 weeks.  Google Calendar is going to balk when I try to upload this schedule.

So as the school year comes to a close, I happily embrace what summer will bring.  Prepared and organized, with Excel and my fellow CMP’s at my side, we can enjoy everything summer has to offer us.  Now the laundry it will bring……

that is ANOTHER post entirely!  Why do less clothes produce SO MUCH MORE ………..




2 thoughts on “Summer, Bring it On!

    • HA HA!….I am going to need you to fill my iPod with some great summer tracks – just to cope……oh and some wine too always helps! Will be looking for suggestions on your blog.

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