As Seen on TV

I’d like to tell you that my children are forever reading books, playing in open fields outdoors or cleaning their rooms.  But that would be a blatant lie.  When they are not using books as step stools to reach things they shouldn’t be reaching for or running in self-made mud puddles in the yard or making a mess of their rooms, they are watching TV.

With my oldest at an age when she can easily channel surf and Little Man learning which shows are on which stations, there are two more people in my home to compete with for the remote.  But nothing brings me more giggles and outright laughter then when I witness either one of my children get lured into a “As Seen on TV” commercial.  I tip my hat to the marketing masterminds that place these spots on stations that children may be watching as their parents look on and thank them for allowing me to hone in on my “No, you can’t have that!” skills.  Below are some of my favorites and their logical reasons as to why WE NEED THIS NOW!

Homework Caddy The perfect solution for kids to organize their homework. “Mommy, I would be so organized and I would do extra homework!”

My Dream Table  My Dream Table is the perfect solution for those want an extra place to eat, work or play. With 6 different height adjustments. “Mommy, we could eat in front of the TV while we watch a show!!!  And if you order now, we BOTH can have it.”

Slim Away – Slim Away Takes inches off your waist to make you look slimmer instantly. “Mommy, you won’t have to exercise anymore. You’ll look skinny again.”

BeDazzleHow do you take something from dull to dazzling?“Mommy, I could dazzle all my clothes and yours too!”

Vidalia Chop Wizard   The Vidalia Chop Wizard As Seen On TV is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to chop or dice fruits and vegetables.  UM……so I saw this at Bed Bath and Beyond and had a 20% off coupon.  I actually use this but my eyes still water!

These are just a few examples that have stopped me from doing whatever it is that I am doing and the list is quite extensive. I marvel at how they plead with me and are certain this product is a must have. I reason with myself that this, in fact, is a terrific way for them to practice their negotiation skills.

Maybe TV is not so bad after all………….


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