Pass Sincerity Forward

Recently, I had a most rewarding conversation with someone who is quickly becoming a very good friend.  We don’t know each other very well, but as mothers and colleagues, we have bonded.  I find that the older I become, the more discerning I have become with whom I befriend.  Perhaps it’s experience.  Perhaps it’s because of a lack of time.  But most often, if you are a mother, the bond is instant.

Nothing out of the ordinary was shared in the conversation we had, but what was shared was a simple and honest thought.  I walked away from this conversation feeling oddly satisfied – so much so that it prompted this post.  This person took time from their work day to simply check in on me.  And what was said changed my day.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we tend to go through the motions of the daily grind without truly meaning what we say or do.   Soon after the conversation, I reached out to my Hubby who is beyond busy.  I am not sure if what I said changed his day, but I hope I was able to pass along that feeling of sincerity and I hope he passed it along to the next person.

Take a moment and reach out to someone and pass sincerity forward.  It makes a beautiful day even more beautiful!


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