A Dash of Hollywood and a Sprinkle of Reality

It is safe to say that last week was unlike any week I have ever experienced.  Lights. Cameras. Nail Guns. Construction Crew. Family and friends. By a stroke of fate and a very amenable and loving Husband, I found myself in the lead role of a HGTV show aptly called Mom Caves.  While I cannot share specifics or post photos of the completed project, I can tell you that it was by far THE most unbelievable experience I have had since the birth of my children.  Best of all, I was able to spend an entire week with my best friend – something we hadn’t done since we were 15.

Sometime after the show airs, I will share with you photos of my favorite spots in the Mom Cave and details of what ensued during the week.  Chances are, I will not actually view the episode where my home is featured (ironically, I have a fear of watching myself on video) – but I will be tuning in each and every Saturday Night on HGTV at 8:30pm in the coming weeks to see the magic Beth Stern, Jared Walker Dostie and the amazing crew create for some very deserving moms.

Until then, what I can share with you that if it wasn’t for the leap of faith that I took in writing this blog, I would never had the capacity to appreciate what was occurring last week.  You are never too old to give an old dream a new try.  Thank you to my readers, to my hubby, to SV, to Mom Caves entire crew, to my best friend AGB and to my children who employed me to do the greatest job ever.



4 thoughts on “A Dash of Hollywood and a Sprinkle of Reality

  1. Congrats! I have set my DVR to tape the series, so hopefully I can see your Mom Cave on TV. I have to admit, I am a little jealous — every mom could use a Mom Cave! Enjoy!

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