Choices – Let’s Respect Them

So I am a little late joining the TIME Magazine cover conversation.  But I felt compelled to throw in my two cents anyway.

I am neither for or against the article.  I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to raise and nurture their children in the manner which best suits their family.  What I am against is the deeper divide articles such as these cause among women.  Instead of embracing our diversity and relishing the idea that we have so many choices, I feel like articles like these simply pit mothers against mothers, notions against notions.  What is even more upsetting is that I feel we were having a similar discussion no more than a few weeks ago when motherhood became an issue on the Presidential Campaign.

I commend every mother who breastfeeds, bottle feeds and masticates their children’s food.  I commend every mother that stays at home, goes back to work or launches a business from her family room.  I commend every mother who provides only organic food, stops at McDonald’s and considers ice cream a form of dairy.

I don’t want you to raise your children like I raise my children.  And I don’t want to raise my children like yours.  What I would like is respect AMONG women big and small, organic and processed.  I think it’s possible, if we all try.


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