Magic Kisses

It’s the look you never want to see.  It’s the cry you never want to hear.  It’s the one time you wish you can work your mommy magic and make the boo-boo disappear.

As my children get older, my magic kisses work less and less.  This past weekend, my Little Ballerina sprained her ankle while enjoying a sunny afternoon with our family.  While I did not witness the fall, the pain I saw in her eyes as she was carried back over to the house was heartbreaking.  There were no kisses that would make the swelling go down or the pain disappear.  Even more heartbreaking was seeing my daughter realize that she would not be able to perform her solo in the upcoming school show.

But that look lasted only momentarily.

Several days since the sprain, my Little Ballerina is back on her feet with the help of an air cast.  While she is not dancing, she is walking and determined to be well enough for the show next week.  “I am practicing the routine in my head,” she says with such conviction .   Hubby and I have yet to make the final decision on whether she will, in fact, dance, but I can’t help but be so impressed by her determination.

My magic kisses may not work as well as they used to, but I think my Little Ballerina will make magic of her own!





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