There’s Always Time for a Home Cooked Meal – Caribbean Pork

To say the past weeks have been crazy is an absolute understatement.  Sunday nights I glance at the week ahead, make the sign of the cross and hope for the best.  With just eight weeks of school left, every activity, every sport and every year-end anything is scheduled.  Add to this a Hubby who is away on business at least weekly and my office which runs on a fiscal year – let’s just say I am lucky we can sit together for one meal.

This week in particular was a doozy.  I have been in Jury Duty Purgatory – Purgatory because I am “on call” twice a day should my numbers be called.  It’s stressful and aggravating to say the very least and of course adds only more grief to an already crazy week.  As Wednesday morning rolled around, I realized I had yet to grill and nothing but rain was in the forecast.  I contemplated cancelling on the Harried Mom but the skies cleared and I realized I had a wonderful piece of Pork marinated in a Caribbean dressing sitting in my freezer.

So this, my friends, is THE quickest recipe and post.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Wegmans sells already marinated fresh cuts of meat that you can freeze – and the Caribbean Pork is one of them.  While I was running between ballet and rehearsals and CCD, Hubby grilled the pork and fixed a salad.  Close to 8pm, we sat together and share a delicious meal.

This week’s ingredients and directions?

Go to Wegmanns and purchase several pieces of fresh cut meats already marinated.  Place them in your freezer and save them for a rainy day when there are simply not enough hours in the day.  If you are like me, I was keep fresh veggies and fruits in our crisper and will compliment almost any cut of meat.  Sure it would have been easier to order out – and believe me when I say we certainly do – but if your fridge is stocked properly, There is Always Time for a Home Cooked Meal.

So now it’s your turn.  Hop on over to The Harried Mom and see what she is cooking.  Then link up with her and share with us your grilling recipe.


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