Finally Friday

Finally Friday is all about breathing a sigh of relief that the week is over with a photo and it’s “short” quote.  Yes – similar to Wordless Wednesday but created for those who have no capacity to be wordless such as myself.   I’m Italian and I am just getting over trying to say things in 140 characters or less on Twitter.

So beginning today (and hopefully every Friday I can remember to do this) I share you with you my Finally Friday.

This is the status of my Hubby’s flight.  He has been away on business and it has been one hell of a week!   I was main chauffeur, butler, chef, chief of police, doctor and entertainment to two children under the age of seven.

The status reads ON SCHEDULE which translates to AMEN!

Do you have a Finally Friday?  If so (and you have a blog) click on the link below and share your Finally Friday.  If you don’t have a blog, share your Finally Friday on Facebook.



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