Turn Another Corner

Just this past weekend, I witnessed my daughter wrestle her little “bother” to the ground as not only their friends, but our adult friends watched on.  I could have stopped the struggle, but quite frankly, I am tired of repeating myself.  I apologized to my guests who are all too familiar with the scene thanks to their own children and proceeded to try to enjoy the evening.

And just when I thought all hope was lost, my children literally turned the proverbial corner yesterday at 5:02pm.  Working from home yesterday allowed me to get started on dinner as soon as I walked away from my laptop.  No, I don’t turn off the computer because there is always work to be done – but that, of course, is fodder for another post.

Anyway, I began pulling my ingredients together al la Rachel Ray and realized I heard nothing.  No screaming.  No fighting.  No yelling.  The clock read 5:02pm.  My initial inclination was that something was off…….and boy was it off!

I cautiously walked upstairs to find them both playing with Lego.  Mind you, we have had Lego in our home for almost two years and they never “played” with them.  Mommy and Daddy (mostly Daddy) would put them together only to get smashed minutes later.  As I asked what was going on, my youngest looked up at me and said, “We are just playing.”

I kid you not – I left the room walking backwards in utter shock.  As I made my way to the stairs, I turned and walked back to the kitchen stunned.  For the remaining hour I prepared dinner and attended to some emails in utter bliss.  From time to time, I would hear them laugh and giggle.  When dinner was plated and Hubby was home, it took three calls to get these two fast friends to come to the table.  And when dinner was complete, back upstairs they went to continue where they left off.

As I lay in bed last night, Hubby and I figured this could not last forever and we were sure the following morning would bring our “old” children back.

I kid you not again! – this morning, my youngest woke first and proceeded to wake up his sister to play.  They played until it was time to get ready for school.  They played until it was time to eat breakfast.  They played until it was time to get my daughter on the bus……

AND…..AND…..AND……they hugged!  I nearly spat out my coffee.  As my oldest walked to the bus stop with my youngest tagging along, they made plans on how to proceed with their storyline when they returned from school.

I am not sure if this peace will last between them, but I hugged them both longer and tighter today because as they left for school and I drove off to work, I saw my babies turn another corner.



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