April Apathy Brings May Madness

Maybe it’s because we can see the end in sight.  Maybe it’s because this is turning out to be one hell of an allergy season.  Maybe because the children are getting older.  Whatever it is, this last haul before summer break is pure madness and I am beginning to feel the mania creep in.  In fact, I am officially calling this new mania – April Apathy Brings May Madness. 

Here I sit, writing this piece, the 23rd of April, falsely assuming we have two months left to play baseball, dance in recitals, earn badges and get all year-end celebrations celebrated before school closes its doors.  But I am sorely mistaken.  Classes end in mid June and thanks to Mother Nature taking a nap through winter, the children have a very long extended Memorial Day break.  Add to this scenario that hubby has business trips to take, I am winging this solo.  Oh and did I mention, my office runs on a fiscal year – yeah…it’s insane.

But I refuse to buckle under pressure.  So how am I going to deal with this?

I am going to call on my village which includes but not limited to my parents, in-laws, friends with children, Captain Morgan, Donut Shop and a shout out to the big man above.  So if you see me in town as a blur running past you, I am getting to where I need to be before I am really, really, really late.  Is it July yet?


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