And So It Goes

Once so Little...Now so Big!From when my children were young, Hubby and I always treated them like tiny adults.  We did the “baby” talk thing for about the first year or so, but it really wasn’t our thing.  Much to our relief, we noticed they responded and interacted better when we did talk to them like tiny adults.  But kids are kids and my children were certainly NO angels.  We had nightmare tantrums, whiny, miserable occasions and our fair share of time-outs for hitting, pushing and not sharing.  We threatened and we punished and we even bribed – and sometimes it worked and sometimes it just didn’t.

But my little children are now getting older and they actually are really beginning to “get it” and the realization that I am no longer the mother of little children is exciting, frightening and depressing.  Exciting in that we, as a family, are growing and maturing.  Frightening in that simple issues will turn into more pressing social issues.  Depressing in that time is simply flying by.

Just as Hubby and I were mastering this “parenting” thing,  we are again entering uncharted territory and sailing into a sea of opinions and reactions from our children.   Gone are the days of simply issuing a mandate, “Because I said so”.  Instead, we are inundated with very well thought out rebuttals and arguments – some of which really do make sense.  But as parents, I know it’s imperative to be firm and enforce the rules I once despised.

And such is parenting, I suppose.  Just when we have mastered diapers, we venture into potty training.  Just when we are splashing and getting wet with tubby time, we are asked to close to the door for privacy.  I should be used to change by now, but at each milestone, those feelings of uncertainty appear.

So what prompted this post? This past weekend, I took the children (who each packed their own overnight bags) and headed for a small get-a-way.  We stayed with friends and had the most relaxing and enjoyable time.  The children played with their friends.  The mothers sat and chatted.  We went so far as to take all of the children out to a dinner and even waited 45 minutes to be seated without a meltdown!   And as the weekend neared its end, I took them both for a walk on the beach.  They hurried ahead of me and were animatedly discussing something that occurred.  These two children were the babies I once held – now walking and talking like the big children they are becoming.  And So it Goes.


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