Motherhood & Politics – NOT Perfect Together

“My career choice was to be a mother,” Ann Romney said.

“Other women make other choices. We have to respect women in all the choices they make.”

Hot on the new tickers and political news shows is motherhood and the 2012 election.  What’s the connection?

It seems Hilary Rosen, a political analyst made a comment indicating Ann Romney (wife of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney) cannot understand the hardships women are suffering in this economic downturn because “she never worked a day in her life.”


Of course, this outraged Republicans and eventually Hilary Rosen apologized for her comments.  End of story?

Not by a long shot.  The media is fueling this issue with segments and features, igniting an argument that does nothing but hurt motherhood in general.

As a mother who chose to return to work after a six month leave of absence after the birth of each of my children, I took time to evaluate my situation and chose a path that worked best for my family.  With the help of my parents/ in-laws and a flexible work schedule, I was able to return to work.  I was lucky in that knowing that the hours I would be at the office, both my children would be under the care of my parents or in-laws and forming a special bond.  Eventually, both children have reached school age and no longer need my parents or in-laws to watch over them while I was at the office.  However, the bond they have formed is so strong that they still help with after school pick-up on days when I am not working from home.   This is MY story and it’s unique to me and only my family.

And this is my point.  I do not judge any mother’s decision.  Every mother and every family is different and unique.  As mothers, we support and respect each other and the decision we make for our families.  In fact,  neither do the two women from opposing political parties.  Just yesterday,  First Lady Michele Obama, Tweeted with this:

“Every mother works hard, and every woman deserves to be respected.”

To the media, Democratic and Republican analysts, strategists and everything in between,  leave politics out of motherhood and let mothers do what they do best – mother.   We, as a species, can support each other in our choices and respect the outcomes. If we can do it, so should you.

Make the 2012 Election about real issues – economic recovery and foreign policy.


10 thoughts on “Motherhood & Politics – NOT Perfect Together

  1. I think Hilary’s comment was taken out of context and that maybe instead of politicians making mothers defend their choices they (the politicians) should focus on the REAL issues of the election this year.

  2. Unnecessary drama. Working Moms, Stay at Home Moms, Work at Home Moms are smart enough to know this is all media hype to benefit (ad dollars in the pockets of) the people who were hoping we’re not. Onto the important stuff :). Great post.

  3. All moms are working moms, whether they have jobs outside the home or not. Each mom has their own unique situation and choices that they have to make that best suit their families. They should never be judged to making a decision that suits them.

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