Green Garden Grow – Finding a Place to Plant

Back when Hubby and I were townhouse living, we dreamed of a big house with a big yard.  Well, I was thinking more of a big house and he was thinking more of a big yard.  As it turned out, we were blessed in finding exactly what we were looking for – the perfect sized house and yard to raise our family.

The spring after we moved in, Hubby quickly began to work on our garden.  He decided on a spot in our side yard close to the only chain-link fence in the space.  With his table saw and excess wood left over from the previous owner, he set out to make his garden.  The photo to the left is a current shot of our garden.  It measures three feet by eight feet and 3/4 of it backs to the chain-link fence.

Why do I mention the not so attractive looking chain-link fence?  Simply put, it’s a gardener’s dream.  If you are growing cucumbers or green beans, the plants can be tied to the links on the fence at various levels and aid the plant in growing thick, strong and tall.

Sometimes, it is difficult to dedicate a space in the yard or perhaps you are trying to ease your way into gardening.  This is when over sized planting pots come in handy.  On the right is a large planting pot I purchased from Christmas Tree Shops.  Drilling three tiny wholes in the bottom, it too can serve as the perfect garden.  Last year, we planted chocolate mint in this pot.  If you look very closely, you can see a small sprig of mint growing in the far right of the photo.  Nature at its very best.

And speaking of mint, this picture on the left is a small part of my Nonno’s legacy.  My Nonno planted a garden each and every spring from the very first year he arrived in the United States – and he is still planting it 57 years later at the young age of 95.   When we moved to our home, Nonno gave us a handful of mint sprigs which we planted to the left of our garden.  Every year since then, the mint has grown and multiplied all on its own.

It is the delight of the garden area for me.  When the wind blows in the just right direction, the scent of the mint wafts over to our deck and I am instantly transported back to my Nonno’s garden watching him tend to his crop.  It is a memory that I truly relish……..Oh and I get to I enjoy Gin & Tonic’s all summer long.

Now as promised, if you are thinking about starting a garden in your yard, here are some tips that I can share with you.

How to Build Your Garden

Decide on an area that is twice as long as it is wide.  This allows you to easily access crops as they grow.

Using long piece of wood, frame and set the area.  Till the soil with a shovel or you can rent a tiller from Lowes.

If you do not have a chain-link fence, be sure to purchase ready-made stakes or long piece of woods to set next to each plant as it begins to grow tall.

It is important to prepare the soil. In a few weeks, you should be able to transplant your tiny plants!

For more tips, check out this very easy “how-to” video from Lowes.

Next week……Composting.  We have a small compost hubby created.  It’s great for the garden and keeps mother earth clean!


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