If I Win the Mega Millions….

As of today, the Mega Million Lottery is estimated to be $640 MILLION!  In other words, one person can win over “half a billion dollars”.

Repeat after me “half a billion dollars!”

That is like Bill Gates kind-of-money.  What would I (or anyone else) do with all that money?  Hmmm, let me count the ways….

Of course, I would love to pay off my home mortgage and that of all my family members.

Of course, I would love to finally buy that beach front home to spend our summers in.

Of course, I would set aside money for college tuition for both my children and for all my nieces and nephews.

Of course, I would plan vacations to destinations all around the world for me and 50 of my nearest and dearest.

Of course, I would set aside a portion of the money for a rainy day and establish trust funds for the children.

And that is where I draw a blank.  What else would I do with half a billion dollars?

Oh yes, of course I would buy clothes and shoes and shoes and some more shoes.  And maybe, just maybe, I would give up my position at the office and dedicate myself to writing full-time!

And then what?

Oh yes, I think I know what I will do.   Once I have full filled all of the items above, I will donate the remaining amount to charity and give $100,000 away in increments of $1000 to anyone who leaves me a comment on this post.  In other words, the first 100 people to comment will receive $1000. In your comment, please indicate what you would do with your $1000.  And one entry per person please 🙂

Hey…you never know.


13 thoughts on “If I Win the Mega Millions….

  1. As quoted from the Kardashian/Humphries debacle, “A spouse may not make a gift of community personal property, or dispose of community personal property for less than fair and reasonable value, without the written consent of the other spouse.”

    The PBR fund is a worthy cause.

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