What I was really going to say was….

Kids are sponges.  They soak every little thing we say and do in a way that we, as adults, will never have the ability to do.  Of course, this comes in handy as they learn their ABC’s and 123’s. But with the good, I suppose, comes the bad. In addition to all the good stuff they absorb, they certainly retain the not-so-good stuff.

Let me explain.

For some reason months ago, I thought it would be a great idea to schedule the children’s dentist appointment on St. Patrick’s Day.  However on Saturday morning, I could not remember why on earth I thought this  was a great idea.  To make matters more complicated, I scheduled early morning appointments.  Between waking up my sleepy-heads, trying to get a decent run on the treadmill and getting everyone showered and dressed, I had serious doubts we would make the appointment on time.

Just as we were leaving the house, my youngest screams from the entryway, “There is pee-pee puddle from the dog and I am going to use my Jedi powers to try to jump over it.”   It seems our very old dog, who sadly is having urinary issues, likes to leave us pee puddles in places where they can be easily stepped in to.

Before, Little Man could use the Force to make the mess messier, I ran over with my cleaning supplies to quickly clean the floor.  Little Man, who happened to be supervising my work leans over to me and says,  “What I was really going to say was – Oh Shit, the dog did pee-pee, but I knew that was bad. So can I get a check mark on the chore chart for not saying it?”

Little Man is almost five-years old and if you ask him if he is Kindergarten, he’ll tell you he missed the cut-off date.  In just the past six months, he amazes me almost every day with things he says and does.  Knowing the difference between “bad words” and “good words” made the list this past Saturday.

I wanted to give Little Man my blessing to mark the chore chart, but decided against it.  Visions of “Didn’t Say Words like Shit” listed on the chore chart seemed like a parenting no-no.  Instead, I gave Little Man an extra big kiss and praised him for making the distinction between good words and bad words to which he replied – “What about an extra scoop of ice cream instead?”

Ah yes………will I ever get this “parenting-thing” down?


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