A Sea of Giggles

All smiles bright and early after a night of Adventure

When I tell you that I am just getting my act together at 7:33pm….I kid you not.  Despite all my valiant determination to accomplish anything today, my efforts were futile.  But I would not have traded my experience for anything. We survived a Night at the Aquarium!

To all the moms out there that cringed at the thought of sleeping on the floor of the Aquarium with 300 kids under the age of 10…

The floor was unbearable and the sleep non-existent.

But the shrieks of laughter, sea of giggles and the smiles on their pretty little faces as they fell fast asleep was worth every ache and pain I feel today.



3 thoughts on “A Sea of Giggles

    • I must thank my brilliant Co-Leader for selecting this weekend. As the moms fueled up on coffee at each snack stop we could not commend her enough. She is GS Leader #1

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