Let’s Virtual Chit-Chat

I will never forget the car ride home from the hospital.  My husband was driving painfully slow in the front seat and our precious, fragile cargo sat perfectly in her car seat, with me at her side.  In that moment, I was a total ball of panic.  What on earth made us think we were ready for parenthood?  How did we invest in such a project that certainly had no return policy?

As the weeks and months passed, both my husband and I learned a new language – a new way of life.  We became experts in counting and color coding “poopy” diapers.  I became a pumping machine and my husband my milk manufacturer. Together we made it work and two years later, were driving home again with a new bundle of joy.

Through it all, we relied on each other, our families and our friends, who fortunately were counting poop diapers of their own.  Together we learned from each other.  Together we supported each other.  And together we kept each other sane.

What I learned most from this era in my life, was that we are constantly teaching and helping each other even beyond the breastfeeding techniques and teething and house-proofing and preschool dilemmas.  Although my children are now seven and five, I still seek the advice of other mothers.  And I don’t think this will change for some time to come.

Because we live in a world where we can connect and share at an almost instant speed, I thought I would try to host a monthly and sometime weekly (depending on the topics) Virtual Chit-Chat online with other fellow mothers discussing topics that are most pressing to us at that particular time.

Ah yes....sitting in field of sunflowers - NOT. Chances are you will catch me sitting in a pile of unfolded laundry! What will your back drop look like?

Maybe we want to talk Kindergarten preparedness?  Maybe we want to talk about using sitters that are not of blood relation?  Maybe we want to talk about dealing with temper tantrums?  Maybe we want to talk about kid friendly places to eat? Or maybe we just want to talk Dancing with Stars!!

Using Google + Hangout (you will need a computer w/video capability and a google account) you can join me and other mothers for a one-hour Virtual Chit-Chat that will not only be fun, but helpful too. If you are interested in joining me on this Virtual Chit-Chat, either leave a comment in the section below or on the Facebook page.

Get the children to bed, grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea and Chit-Chat with us! I will be announcing a date very soon!  Hope you can join us!


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