One Extra Day

Tomorrow will bring a day we see once only every fourth year.  And while Wednesday will still bring its usual Wednesday activities of school, work, ballet and meetings, why not make it a freebie-special kind of day.  In honor of this freebie-special kind of day, I have come up with a list of suggestions to make the day a tad more unique and memorable.

Take the day off from work or school and do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Pick up a phone and make a call instead of texting or emailing.

Set a goal you intend to accomplish by February 29, 2016.

If you are female and in a relationship, pop the big M question to your boyfriend.

Surprise your children and let them have ice cream for dinner.

Regardless of what you do, make February 29th a special day.  Relish in the endless possibilities and be thankful you have the simple ability not to waste the day.

Tomorrow will find me working off-site at a client’s in the afternoon and driving chauffeur to the ballerina and her brother in the evening.  But I think I will surprise both of my children with a special curbside pick up when their school bell rings.  Shhhhh…it’s a secret.

What will you do on your one extra day?


5 thoughts on “One Extra Day

  1. Does it count to take the morning off work for a pediatrician appointment? If so, I’m celebrating wild-style! That really is about the extent of it, but I’ll be glad for the extra hours with my son.

    I like the idea of setting a goal for 2016.

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