Not Quite Un-Plugged

I will admit it.  I am social media junkie.  Most often you can find me on Twitter or Facebook or Google+ either commenting, sharing or discovering.  At times, it’s fun and other times it’s daunting – especially after a self-imposed unplug.

This past weekend, I decided to enjoy my time away with my girlfriends and detach from the online world.  Well, let me clarify.  The beach house did not have WiFi access so the self imposed detachment was forced.  I had no intention of working or bringing my laptop and I knew if needed, my iPhone would allow me to “check-in”.

Ironically, the weekend, itself, developed a tag line – “Google-it”.

How many years difference is there between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?

Isn’t there a formula to figure out what our hooker names should be?

What is the name of that estate in upstate New York that is terribly costly and each room is without a TV or laptop or WiFi?

Does the mom in Flowers in the Attic really intended to leave her kids when she first returns to her father’s home?

How long will it take us to get from the beach house to the Spa so that we can enjoy every last second of sleeping in?

Does Lucky Bones take reservations?

Turns out my unplug was not quite accurate.  As you can tell, we had pressing questions that absolutely needed answers and of course we had our smart phones. Aside from “Goggle-it”, we had the occasional photo to upload or to “like” a photo of the kids sent from Dad indicating all was well back home.

In the end, laughter, relaxation, silliness, reflection and down right ridiculous conversations filled out a weekend that has left me recharged and ready for the remaining winter.  So now as I am totally plugged back in, I can say and share and shout that ladies weekends rule – especially when those ladies are the sisters God forgot to give me.

This is dedicated to Krimpy, Fluffy, Lucky, JaVa Voom and the other 1/2 of the table engrossed in a discussion about well being.


2 thoughts on “Not Quite Un-Plugged

  1. Excellent entry and, yes, it is amazing how we have, to some degree or another become a “plugged in” world … age does not matter any more. I’m checking my phone constantly, us girls are going for dinner and we are all texting back and forth about place and time and one or another is checking their iphone as to what restaruants are local. Our age group is 65 to 75 … LOL

    I go into a meeting or church and have to remember to either turn off the phone or put it on vibrate. WHO EVER THOUGHT …. LOL

    I so enjoy reading you blogs (another new experience for us) and am so happy you ladies had a great weekend. I think getting pictures from home knowing all are alive and thriving helps one to relax and enjoy.

    Keep up the great work ❤

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