Red. It’s Everywhere!

Perhaps because it is February.

Perhaps because I am reaching a birthday number that once seemed “old” to me.

Perhaps now that I have children every day is a precious gift.

Is it me or do you feel that Go Red for Women American Heart Association campaign against heart disease came out of nowhere?  Wasn’t RED the AIDS campaign my imaginary husband Bono launched several years ago?  Have I been so blind to this issue that this is the first I am learning of it?

Several days ago I came across a video PSA which had me clawing at the keys to visit the forbidden WebMd.  In the video, a mother is going through her morning routine and realizes she is having a heart attack.  “Know the signs,” the video went on to explain.  HOLY SHIT (excuse my French) I HAVE THESE SIGNS.  Not the pain in the arm, but my some of the others.  Why is this news to me?  Why don’t I already know that me/we are at such high risk?

At that very moment, my real husband (Irish yes, but no, not Bono) walked in the door from a late meeting with me in a panic.  Dragging him to the laptop with his coat still on, I made him watch the video.   He tried to calm my nerves, but the damage was done.  Add having a heart attack to the other list of symptoms I tend to think I suffer from.

“These are the sign,” the video message explains.  So yes, now I know the signs but tell me how to avoid this!!!

After searching online (and not on WebMd), I came across an excellent site that helped me get a better handle on ways to prevent a heart attack.

1. Don’t Smoke (Perfect.  I don’t smoke so I am going to be OK)

2. Exercise 30 minutes each day of the week (Darn it. I am not going be OK. I don’t do this. Need to increase this)

3. Eat a Heart Healthy Diet (I am going to be OK. For the most part, we eat well. I just tend to eat ALOT of what I eat)

4.Maintain a Healthy Weight (Definitely not going to be OK. Epic Fail on this part. I am a Yo-Yo)

5. Get Regular Health Screenings (Time for a change. Took me 6 months to make my first mammogram appointment. Let’s hope I do better with this)

Now that I have a handle on what I can to do to avoid having a heart attack, I feel like I have better control of the issue….well that is until my next possible ailment arises!

The video that really did change everything:


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