Please Don’t Go

Daddy travels and some instances, Daddy travels two weeks at a time.

Mommy can go to meetings and lunches and dinners, but Mommy comes home at night.

Before the children were born, Mommy went on business trips with Daddy and was delighted by all the new cities visited.  But the when children came into the picture, Mommy’s passport began to collect dust.

The past several months have been very busy and exciting to say the least.  There are new milestones to achieve on the horizon both professionally and at home, and life in every sense of the word is Good.

But in order to keep this steady pace of work and home, this Mama needs a break.

Last week in passing conversation, my children learned that Mommy is planning to go on a Ladies Weekend Get-a-Way with her Mommy friends. It would seem I told them I was departing for the Congo and set to return in a year or two.  I will not be away for no more than 48 hours and yet their cries were sincere.  “Please don’t go Mommy!”

Daddy seemed slightly perturbed by their reaction, but quickly changed the momentum of the conversation to visions of a grand weekend they would have while I was away.  The children seemed appeased and began rattling plans of where and what they could do.

In all honesty, I did for a moment feel guilty about my upcoming trip.  My husband leaves for work – work that allows us to live the life we have.  I don’t envy his travels and despite the chaos of managing my work, home and children while he is away, I enjoy the challenge and the special bond I share with children.  When Daddy is away, we are a team.  I hope Daddy experiences that same bond.  My trip was purely relaxation and fun.  But similar to the book club meetings and the occasional Girls Night Out, I think it’s important to spend time away, unplug from the world and recharge.

This week leading up to the Mommy’s Weekend is a hectic one.  Between coordinating this trip of nine women and meeting deadlines for work, I will most certainly need the laughter and silliness of the weekend to come.  A visit to the Spa, a long dinner with good wine and spirited conversation, maybe even a sunset and a cheesy movie in pajamas are on the agenda for this weekend.  Yes.  I can do this.

T – 72 hours……..


6 thoughts on “Please Don’t Go

  1. Good for you Mama! Recharging is so important….

    In my house it is often me who travels for work – but as much as the kidlets protest about me leaving, they know that a mommy trip means their aunt or uncle will be coming over to help out daddy, that a pizza dinner and ice cream store trip is in store for them – so they recover nicely.

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