We Love 3Square Deals

This post was originally written and appeared on EntrepreMoms – Connecting Mothers & Marketplace.  However, I am so passionate about this program that I requested permission to have it appear on my blog as well.  The opinions are completely our own, based on our experience.  We were not compensated for this post – just big fans!

If you are like me, it’s very hard for me to pass up a great deal.  Combine that great deal with helping others and I am sold.  I recently learned of remarkable site created by fellow blogger, Deborah Smith, Owner and Executive Editor of Jersey Bites, that marries saving money and helping others in a way that is simple and smart.

Launched this month, 3SquareDeals.com is a very unique site that not only saves the consumer money and drives traffic to local merchants, but also gives back to charitable programs.  Unlike the other Deals program that are online, this program offers deals exclusively on foods.  Restaurants, gourmet food stores, wine and beer and culinary experiences will offer a variety of deals to 3SquareDelas subscribers and each coupon used will have a portion of its proceeds given to various food banks including The Community Food Bank of New Jersey, the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties and the Food Bank of South Jersey.

I could go on about why you need to register for this program, but I think this video truly captures the essence of how 3SquareDeals will be a game changer among all New Jersey diners and consumers.


Currently, most merchants are from the Monmouth and Ocean County area.  However, I have no doubt that it will only be a matter of time before ALL of New Jersey merchants will be involved.  I encourage you to visit 3SquareDeals.com and share this site with all of your friends and family.  Imagine if each time we went out to eat a proceeds of our bills will help put food on another family’s table.  Together, we CAN make a difference for our children and the generations to come.


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