Love Is – Revisted

One year ago today, I wrote a “Love Is” piece. 

I thought it would be nice to begin a new tradition and repeat this piece, but with updated thoughts.


Love is waking up in the morning with four extra arms and legs in your big comfy bed.

Love is receiving flowers from your “secret admirer” on Ground Hog’s Day and have your daughter assume they are for her.

Love is seeing the bracelet Little Man gave you re-gifted and on the wrist of your husband.

Love is seeing your daughter’s excitement moments before she takes the stage.

Love is knowing your husband and children skipped ceral with milk so you could enjoy your morning coffee.

Love is seeing the children jump with glee when their grandparents walk through the door.

Love is seeing your curly hair, which passed your own children, appear on your niece’s sweet perfect head.

Love is every day, every breath and every moment I am able to create together with my family.

This is dedicated to my true love. Without you, none of this is possible.


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