When Pinning Goes Bad

I tend to place myself in the “suitably” crafty category.  I know how to use scissors.  I stay away from all projects that have glitter and I stick to the Target craft section as opposed to venturing to Michael Craft store.  However, my recent accent into the world of Pinterest has led to me to believe that I am more crafty than I really am – also known as “When Pinning Goes Bad”.

I have thus far undertaken two projects thanks to Pinterst that have turned out decent.  Hanging snowflakes made of pipe cleaners and beads (the kids and I were desperate for snow) and a “pin the football on the goal post” (which the children really enjoyed during our Super Bowl Party).  So with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I found what I thought was the simplest and cutest craft – so easy, even the kids could do it while I supervised.


My first mistake was thinking the children could do this project.  They each made one card and instantly lost interest.  Considering my son needed 33 cards and my daughter was requesting 50 cards (they are both very social children), I was quietly cursing myself.  I did pause to consider running to the store to purchase some cards, but I was lured by the beauty and simplicity of the photos I pinned in Pinterst.

I spent the better part of Sunday making these Valentine’s Day cards. The children did help at various intervals, but mostly took on the supervisor role and the occasional request to add to their original count.  A daisy for the girlsAfter several hours the task was complete and as the children and I cleaned up the craft area, I could sense their excitement was mounting.  While I may not take on such a project ever again, I couldn’t help but really enjoy their admiration and appreciation.  Little man’s smile was beaming from ear to ear and my daughter asked if she could give the project one more try after school so she could share these with her Girl Scout Troop at the next meeting and her CCD class on Tuesday and……..oh wait…what is THIS craft ……

“Pixie Dust in a Jar”……DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter 2. Seal the top with a lid. 

Just two easy steps.  Hmmm the glitter……well maybe just this once……….


3 thoughts on “When Pinning Goes Bad

  1. I think that they turned out very nice! I was as ambitious as you – and started this same craft with my 4 YO son. After the hour it took him to make the one (between cutting it out – which took 2 tries and then decorating the cutout) and realizing that he had to make 23 more of them for his class – I sent the hubs out to the store to get CARS 2 Valentines which he would sign and pop a lollipop in the punch out holes the cards came with. He wound up making 2 of these flower ones, one for each of his teachers…..

    I love Pinterest, it makes me aspire to be much more crafty, a better cook and better organizer than I am….

    • I think the amount of cards each needed really impacted their approach to the project. However, after seeing how cute they looked, my oldest was all about giving it another chance. I think my son who is 5 is still too young.
      And yes, I heart Pinterest!

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