Dear Cupid

Dear Cupid,

Last December I wrote a very similar letter to Santa and my wish list was granted. There are candles scenting our home, a new vacuum making the house neat and tidy, and a potential get-a-way planned for June.   I thought perhaps I could write to you in hopes that you too would grant me a wish or two.

Because of after school activities and crazy schedules, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at home.  I plan to make a delicious meal we can all enjoy, even if it needs to be eaten on the go.  Since romantic dining is out of the question and I am very conscious of your budget and your time, I suggest we celebrate tonight…….

Nothing says I love you more than flowers and chocolate.  If you should find yourself in the Princeton area, please stop at Forrestal Village and visit Monday Flowers and Chocolate Lovers Club.  It’s $5 Friday at Monday Flowers and it’s a good one! Hot Pink tulips grown in Virginia accented with green button mums and accent flower.  That is a deal you cannot miss.

And since you are already in Forrestal Village, pop over to Chocolate Lovers Club and just about any piece of chocolate will do!  Just remember, there are six of us for dinner tonight!

My heart still skips a beat every time you walk through the door just like that very first date at Noodle Gourmet……

Yours Truly,



2 thoughts on “Dear Cupid

  1. Where is my blog where I can make requests to cupid, santa and the magic beer gnome? Those ideas sound like they may be something I can handle -do they deliver?

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