A Woman Needs….

Healthy living consists of eating right, exercising and ladies.  Yes, ladies.

Ladies who know when you are having THAT kind of day and are quick to talk you back to seeing the good in a situation.

Ladies who say absolutely nothing, but speak volumes with a gesture, a look or a head shake.

Ladies who swoop in and save you from saying something you will most certainly regret.

Every woman needs her lady friends.

I have always been blessed with having strong women in my life.  My grandmother and mother and aunts all taught me the importance of sisterhood.  Later in life, my friends and mother-in-law and sisters-in-laws showed me that sisterhood goes beyond blood too.  Today, my daughter and her girlfriends show me how now – more than ever – my realtionship with my girlfriends will directly impact how she will approach her friendship with women.  It is this reason, that I am truly blessed and honored to have such amazing lady friends, sisters that give me strength, support me for who I am and prove to me time and time again that life is not complete without “girl-time”.


One thought on “A Woman Needs….

  1. I was 19 or 20 when I started learning the joys of having girlfriends. Now that I know the joy, I can barely believe there was a time when I didn’t have them.

    My senior year of college, I lived with my sister’s future mother-in-law. She stressed time and again the importance of keeping girlfriends close, in part because they’ll get you through hard times and in part because life is so much richer for them. All of this is a very, very true story, and I’m grateful still for her earnestness in telling me about her experiences.

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