When All Else Fails, Bribe

My children, for the most part, are very good eaters.  I credit their Italian heritage and the fact that my mother taught me a thing or two about cooking.  Their pallets are more mature than chicken nuggets and buttered pasta, but it is clearly their favorite choices.

As a rule, my husband and I rarely make more than one meal for dinner.  From when they were old enough to eat table food, they were required to try everything in front of them.  Most times, with a dip in the powerful and almighty Ketchup, each bite would be eaten.  When we are out at friends’ homes or dining in public, the same rule applies.  But every now and then, Ketchup doesn’t work.  It is at this time that we bring out the big guns.  BRIBERY.

Having stayed late at the office yesterday, I arrived home to a full house of hungry people.  I quickly pulled together the ingredients for dinner only to realize I was missing bread crumbs.  My children will eat fish if it’s breaded or if it’s sautéed in garlic and tomato and we call it chicken.  Yes…I know, white lies are dangerous,but I will leave that for another post.

Scanning the fridge, I was out of tomatoes (don’t tell my mom).  Scanning the pantry, I was left with just one option : Cheez-It.  Didn’t I come across a recipe that used Cheez-It as breading?

Almost 35 minutes later, dinner was on the table.  Cheez-It encrusted tilapia, buttered pasta (I am no fool) and a spinach salad.  Immediately, the kids balked.  Out came the Ketchup, but really to no avail.  So I did what I had to do.

“Mommy will buy you a Princess Lea costume with lightsaber and for you, my little man, three Jedi Master lightsabers!”

Friends, it worked.  Both children not only ate their dinner, but raved about the taste.

So this meal may have cost me $40 more than I had intended, but we now have a new dish to add to our repertoire!


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