RU Unemployed?

It is not the nature of my blog to promote any type of product or function unless it is something I swear by or use or support whole-heartedly.  However, I am going to make the exception today because I came across an opportunity that unfortunately I was unable to take part in, but hope you can.

Rutgers University is offering training on how to start your own business with its new Entrepreneurial Training Program.  This 60 hour, five-week course is valued at $8000, but is being offered for absolutely free.  The only catch is that you must currently be unemployed.
Topics that will be covered during the course will include:

  • What to Expect in Being an Entrepreneur
  • How to Register and Manage a New Business
  • How to Write a Business Plan
  • Basic Finance and Accounting
  • Skills, Sales & Marketing Techniques (including Online Marketing)
  • How to Manage Your Operations
  • Sources of Financing for Your Business

The caliber of the material and the vast scope of areas covered makes this program unlike any other.  I am thankful that I am happily employed, but jealous of what a remarkable opportunity I am missing.  If you are interested or would like to learn more, contact Debbie McDermott via telephone at 848-445-4720 or via email at  All applicants must complete an application by February 10th and classes begin in March.  The application is available from the Rutgers Center for Management Development.

Let me know if you decide to join.  Maybe I can borrow a note or two from you!


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