May the Force Be With You

I think I was about four of five when I first saw Empire Strikes Back.  We were vacationing at the Jersey Shore and all I can recall from the memory was not watching one single moment of the film because I was frightened.  Years passed before I could appreciate the three Star Wars films and later as an adult, enjoyed the three additional films.

Tonight, I sit in the midst of a Star Wars marathon with my children who are watching the films for the very first time.  Sidelined this weekend by a very vicious cold, I can’t imagine a better way to rest and recoup than with lightsabers, imperial galaxies and wookieepedia (a great source for questions Mommy and Daddy can’t answer).


6 thoughts on “May the Force Be With You

  1. Oh, I remember when I saw (the original) Star Wars in the movie theatre back in the day, and even though I was a young girl and not into “space type things” (lol!) I remember how I thought it was the most facinating thing I had ever seen, with its special effects and a world I could not even imagine. Your children will have a wonderful journey discovering a whole new world and a well, language…lol. Fun times.

    • The special effects were fasinating back in the day! And yet, seeing it today in 3D is mind blowing. It really has been a joy experiencing it with the kids. Will the movies be released in 3D in your neck of the woods?

  2. I was a huge fan of the original star wars movies as a kid! I actually thought I was the only one that was afraid of the empire strikes back. I would much rather watch return of the jedi because it was so much less depressing. Any way, I love the whole series now that I can appreciate everything and always enjoy hearing other people talk about their love of the series.

  3. I actually saw Star Wars in the theater 25 times – my sister cried when it left the theater. That original movie – Episode IV is still my favorite of them all…it was my first real movie – I had seen nothing like it. I still know all the words and can’t wait til my kidlets are old enough to watch it. I hope they’ll love it as much as me. What did your kids think of it?

    • We are ALL about Star Wars. We watch in 24/7. We play the Lego Star Wars on Wii. I have been asked to download the Darth Vader theme music to the iPod. The Volkswagon Dog and Mini Vader commericals are our favorite. AND guess what we are going as for Halloween this year? I would say, the kids LOVE it.

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