On My Honor, I Will Try

Google “What is a Girl Scout?” and the first link will tell you,

“Girl Scouting is for every girl, everywhere—where today’s girls can become tomorrow’s leaders.”

Where today’s girl can be tomorrow’s leaders.  This is the only reason why I volunteer my time to help lead my daughter’s troop.  Our girls are young and impressionable and faced with pressures that are beyond what we faced at their age.  Giving them this outlet to shine and achieve truly cultivates who they are and what they will become as they grow and mature. 

Our troop mothers teach strictly by example and prove by our actions (to our daughters) that all of their dreams are within their grasp with hard work, determination and most importantly, from the support they receive from each other.  I could not be a troop leader without the assistance from my fellow troop moms. Together, as a team, we hold meetings, plan events and help others.  Sure we sell cookies, but what we earn monetarily is insignificant to what we learn about ourselves, each other and the community as a whole. 

Today’s girl WILL be tomorrow’s leader. 

Let’s help make her the best she can be.


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