Pin. Pin. Like. Comment. Pin. Pin.

I am a Pinner.

I have been Pinning for about two or three weeks and I fear I am addicted.  However, please do not host an intervention for me because everyone in my home is benefiting from my new addiction.

Much to my husband’s “delight”, I have created at least three or four major projects that have moved up our “house renovation” list.

Much to my children’s “chargrin”, we have enough crafts to keep us busy until they reach puberty.

I find myself wanting to pin everything I see outside of my laptop too.  Just last week when at the Apple store getting my laptop fixed, a woman walked by with the cutest tote bag.  “OOOh Pin It” crossed my mind as I made a mental note.  At the skating rink yesterday afternoon I couldn’t help but think “Kids Winter Birthday Party -Pin It”

All kidding aside, Pinterest has streamlined my thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists and has helped make life a little more organized.  Sure there is laundry to do, marketing strategies to analyze and practices to carpool to, but just a minute or two or three of pinning is just too hard to resist.

As Ben says, Happy Pinning!


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