Rise and Shine Sleepy-Heads!

On any given day when school is in session, getting my children out of bed takes extreme skill, manipulation and persistence.  We begin the bed extraction with soft, gentle, “wake up sleepy-heads” and progress to “bus driver is not going to wait for you”, but always eventually conclude with “get out of bed NOW or all TV privileges are gone for one month.”

Weekend are the exception to this routine.  Weekend where fluffy, white snow is falling – the roles are reversed and progress with heightened urgency.

“It snowed! It snowed.  First we are going to build snowmen and then the fort.  I’ll call Sammy and Jordan you call Cian and Ryan. Maybe we can even go sledding and see if Mommy can bring hot chocolate in our thermos……”

As I turn over in my warm cozy bed, the clock reads 6:40am.  Note to self: Never wait until 7:15am to begin their daily bed extraction since they refuse to offer you the same courtesy.


One thought on “Rise and Shine Sleepy-Heads!

  1. There is a similar experience in our house. Weekend mornings, the kids are up bright and early, but on weekdays, I have to drag them out of bed. (Even though one of my kids loves school.) Today, one of my children cried for at least 15 minutes after I woke her up. It was so sad. But after she had some breakfast, she was happy as could be.

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