I Went Naked and Loved It

In my perpetual quest to get everything done and then some, I am always so pleased when I come across new ways to make my life easier, happy and healthier.

Case in point: I got Naked and it was great!

Ok – enough with the teasing.  I didn’t get naked in the practical meaning of the word, but I did savor in a delicious, wholesome, superbiotic (loaded with veggies) pizza from Princeton’s very own Naked Pizza eatery.  Located in the heart of Princeton, Naked Pizza is like my dream come true. Focusing solely on the pizza pie, all ingredients are natural and free of any chemicals, pesticides and overall crap you find in most fast food. In fact, it’s as if I am baking my very own pizza from scratch!

Now I will admit, I visit fast food joints about once a week, especially on nights when I need to be in two places at once and the natives buckled in the back seat are hungry and restless.  It kills me to do so, but in an effort to juggle work, after school activities and hungry bellies, I cave in.  However, now, I have an alternative with Naked Pizza! Calling ahead with my order, a healthy dinner can be enjoyed either in the car, in the sitting room at the studio or at the next Girl Scout Meeting!

Coming from North Jersey, where pizza pies are sacred, this Italian Working Mama gives my 100% seal of approval!


6 thoughts on “I Went Naked and Loved It

  1. That is great to hear; I’ve yet to come across an organic pizza parlor, as of yet, but the added bonus is that I can get an organic pizza pie from Trader Joe’s now :)) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Pizza is a food group in my house 🙂

    Truly you are better off with pizza than any other FF- if you go for a thin crust pizza with a veggie topping it is a better choice than ANYTHING from Mc’D’s or BK…

    Sounds like you could use a personal chef



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