Let it Snow

With the temperatures see-sawing between mild and frigid and not a snowflake forecasted anytime soon, the children’s new sleds sit unused in our garage, their snow boots are getting smaller in the basement as their feet grow larger and the lonely ruler snowman sits sadly in the front landscaping unable to perform its intended function.

Of course, this lack of snowfall must have a direct correlation with the fact that this year, I am absolutely prepared for snow.  Their snow boots match their snow suits, their sleds are perfectly suited to their size and we even have snowman and snowlady kits waiting to grace our front yard.  And yet the snow fails to fall over central NJ.

So in our household, we are taking matters into our hands.  Tonight, we will wear our PJ’s inside out, place a spoon under our pillows and hope the our faithful ruler snowman becomes a busy man!


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