Scrap the Patch. Give a Kiss Instead

Really, another task that I can’t possibly undertake and will sub sequentially allow my guilt only to increase?!?  – a snip-it from a conversation I shared with a fellow working mom.

At my daughter’s last Girl Scout Troop meeting, which I Co-Lead with two other working mothers, the energy in the room was electric as we discussed cookie booths assignments, aquarium over-nights, ice skating and badges that can be done at home with our daughters in all of our spare time and require a minimum of ten steps, one which always includes glitter!

I made the rookie mistake last year to enroll my children in most activities they expressed interest in. I rationalized that my children needed these opportunities to determine what areas they are most comfortable and best suited for.  And while some argue that this is true, there is absolutely no reason they need to occur all at once! Week nights are hectic.  Weekends are insane and in the end, everyone is tired and unbearable.

Similar to the way in which we set limits for our children, I trust for our overall sanity, we must set the same limits for ourselves.  We are still offering our children the opportunities we feel will help them grow, but doing so in a way they will grow to love it.

So to answer my dear friend and fellow working mother’s question, scrap the “extra credit” and stick to what we signed on for.  I trust in ourselves and I trust our daughters are absorbing what it’s like to be a woman, a mother, and career woman and a girl at heart. That extra patch on the back of the vest has far less value than that extra hug, smile or kiss from their happy mommy.


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