Hello God. It’s Me!

Forgive me Father, for I have been a lazy Catholic.  It has been 3+ years ( I think) since the last time my family of four has attended mass and well…here we are!

We hastily left the house Sunday morning en route to Sunday Mass with our children buckled in the back, expressing their displeasure in our destination. As we approached the Church, my phone beeped its’ reminder. Yes folks, I scheduled Family Sunday Mass into my calendar.

Walking through the vestibule of the Church, we stopped to bless ourselves with Holy Water (which I am pleased to say did not burn as it found its way on our skin) and took our seats in the last pew at the back of the church.

Hello God.  It’s me!

Can you believe I am here?

Yep, I am surprised too!

Sitting at Mass, which much to my surprise included some changes to the responses (really? “constantsubstantial”),  it dawned on me that I must have attended mass every Sunday for at least 11 consecutive years.  Mind you, I have been back to mass periodically since the birth of both my children, but it really may have been 3+ years since my husband and I attended mass with the children together as a family.

So why come back? Why now?

My daughter is receiving her First Communion and what message would I be sending her if we did not attend mass as a family, REGULARLY? In the few times I have taken her, we left after Communion.  I fear that on the day of her First Communion, she would head down the aisle and out the door just because I don’t believe we have ever stayed past Communion!

Despite the various evil eyes I delivered to my youngest, we made it through the mass. ….well ok, we made it through Communion……..

I marked my calendar for next Sunday.  Family Mass at 4pm.

I may not agree with everything the Church practices, but it’s all I know and can give to my children.


7 thoughts on “Hello God. It’s Me!

  1. I, too, returned to the church because of my kids. And I am so glad that I did. Now my faith is my own, not something handed to me by my mom. I am growing spiritually, and so are my children. It’s definitely worth the effort, even if you have to put it on your electronic calendar to get it done.

  2. I know how you feel, Cristina! I also used to go to Mass every Sunday growing up, sang in the school choir, etc. Suddenly after high school, that all flew out the window, except for the random Sunday it occurred to me to go to church. I also go rarely — weddings, baptisms, funerals, but not really any Masses — and here it’s so old-fashioned! But, I suppose that shortly I will be heading back toward that aisle — Eli will soon begin Sunday school in preparation for his Communion and although I have many an issue with the Catholic Church, I also feel it’s important to give them some sense of spirituality…Love you lots! xoxo

  3. Thanks for your words! I know how it can feel to be under condemnation for not doing what we are “suppose” to do! Luckily there is true freedom in the relationship with Christ apart from the rituals and regimens of any church!! Press on…

  4. Oh boy, talk about laying the Catholic guilt on me! I went to church every week from about 30+ years, and I mean on vacation, in other countries, with 104 fevers. Then I married a non-Catholic and after the wedding, became a bit lapsed. I became one of those Ashes & Palms & Christmas attendees. Then I had kids – and well, at my daughter’s baptism, he snuck up to the altar with his little monster truck and rang the bells, leaving his monster truck there and almost having the priest trip over it! My son will be starting Sunday school or CCD in the next year – so I def have to get back into the groove!

    • The nuns back in my grammar school days warned of us turning into a CAP – those who attend mass for Christmas, Ashes & Palms! Your comment SO brought me back to 4th grade with Sister Petronella. Good Luck getting back into the swing of things!

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