It’s Never Too Late

This past week I have been mentoring a young lady who is interning at my office.  She embodies intelligence, charisma and absolute potential. Several hours into our work day, I began to recall my original dream to be a writer. Early on in my academic career, I quenched my dream for a profession that would provide income and stability.

During the 10+ years that ensued, I focused on my career, marriage and then family.  Then one night last year, I decided it was not too late to give writing one more shot – not for fame or fortune, but for me.

Perhaps it was her infectious excitement about the project (which ironically requires her to blog) or her determined spirit, my intern inadvertently helped me see that despite the myriad paths I took, I am living my dream.

It’s really never too late.  If there is something you always wanted to do, try, be…give it a chance.  It may not turn out as you planned, but it may just knock your socks off.


4 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late

  1. Sounds like you have a very perceptive mentee there. We don’t always get to our dreams in a conventional or straight path way….but isn’t it more satisfying when you overcome obstacles, jump thru hoops and make it happen!!

  2. I *so* needed to read this right now. I am discontented with the corporate world and want to do something on my own in blogging/social media, but I need the steady paycheck and benefits… this post is confirmation that I should keep searching for the opportunity that will provide the stability as well as the passion that I am looking for!

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