Bonus Day

I checked the calendar twice before the holiday break, several more times last week and at least five times last night.  According to my children’s school calendar, classes resumed today despite the fact most of the nation was observing New Year’s Day today.

Needless to say, the children were outraged by this injustice.  Their protests this morning were difficult to quench and quite frankly, I agreed with their plight.  That is, until one child was on the bus and the other dropped off at school.   A full open day before both my husband and I to do whatever we pleased.

But alas, the empty, quiet house begged us to take down our Christmas decorations and our cupboards begged us to go food shopping.  With a stop for a warm lunch at our local diner and a game or two on the Wii system, our day was just about done as the big yellow bus rolled down the block to our stop.

And just like that, our Bonus Day was complete.   I think 2012 is off to a pretty terrific start!


One thought on “Bonus Day

  1. Hi, Christine. I felt the same when I had to drag my tired, crying kids out of bed on Monday. But once they were gone, my husband and I were able to have a lunch out together and a trip to the bookstore. But we were happy when it was time to pick them up from school, as we spent the whole Christmas break together and missed them!

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