Why Wait Until January 1st?

Soon after we deck the halls and eat the entire Christmas goose, we are inundated with making our New Year’s resolutions.  And without fail, loosing weight always leads my list. Despite my concerted efforts over the year, my weight yoyos at a constant rate.  Nothing is worse for my body than this up and down, tight and loose frustrating dance I do.  This year alone, I lost and gained close to 25 pounds!

So this year, before the crystal ball falls into the New Year, I am jumping the gun and getting back to the only thing that truly works for me – kettle bells.  A full and total body workout that is never boring and works areas/muscles I forgot even had, it was the only form of working out I truly enjoyed.

Just in these past few days, I can feel a difference in both my pants and my overall demeanor.  Mind you, I have not been holding back on what I put in my mouth.  I may be eager to be healthier, but such delectable dishes are only prepared just once a year – or so I tell myself 🙂

If exercise and healthy living is on your New Year’s resolution too, try kettle bells. It’s effective, invigorating and perfect for anyone who says they don’t have time to work out.  Take a section of classes and experience a workout that changes everything. Find trainer who is a certified instructor and can teach you what exercises work best for each area.  For those of you who live in Mercer County, check out 4elements. By far, best classes in the area!

To all those embarking on a similar journey this coming New Year, my very best to you.  Keep me posted on your progress and I will do the same for you.

Here’s to healthy living!


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