Dear Santa,

Dear Husband Santa,

Two years ago, we you gifted my children with a lovable puppy complete with a red bow and reindeer bell attached to its neck.  The children were instantly in love and it was certainly a Christmas morning to remember. 

Today, our adorable puppy is a regal 80-pound dog still very full of puppy energy and spunk, much the same way he was that faithful morning.  But his puppy hair is now long and shedding at a rate my vacuum cannot compete with.

This Christmas, may I please have a Dyson vacuum?  It seems only fair that my wish is granted since it was we you who caused this hairy situation.  Also, please don’t let the vacuum be the only present under the tree for me because THAT would be too much to endure.  A simple candle (currently a blow-out sale at Bath and Body and I have a coupon you can use), or a warm coat (already ordered) or a booked weekend away for just me and you my husband and I at The Whistling Swan Inn (20% off sale going on right now!).

I have been a very good girl this year.




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