I Just Wanted a Spoon

I am forever struggling with my weight.  My downfall is my love to eat and my inability to exercise every day.  Add the holiday season to this equation and I am lucky if I can fit into my fat pants before the year is over.

So you can imagine my horror when I walked into my office kitchen for a spoon to eat my very healthy and satisfying Chobani Yogurt only to find temptation before me.  Delights of all kinds sat sinfully between me and the spoon. I quickly made my cup of coffee and scurried back to my desk. 

Our kitchen tends to be the dumping ground for leftover deserts and treats most of us don’t want to have lingering at home.  During the Spring and Summer months, the occasional cookie or slice of birthday cake is a welcome treat.  Perfectly acceptable.  During the Fall and Winter it’s down right abusive.

For the next few days, it will take all of my will power to resist this section of the office and I hope all the liters of water I ingest will help keep me at bay.  Just think, all the walking to and from the restrooms from all the water I consume will even add a little extra exercise to my day!

Merry Christmas! 


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