I Opened it Mom

In light of what the next two weeks will bring to my home, I am mentally and physically preparing myself for being exposed to four words which make me cringe in ways I never thought possible.  These four words are far worse than “Are We There Yet” and “I Told You So” combined.

I Opened It Mom

The phrase is always announced from a room in which I am not in and at moments when  my attention is absorbed by something else.  And yet, that phrase uttered by either of my children paralyzes me.

I Opened it Mom normally comes after several attempts by children to open a present/gift/toy that comes with no less than two million pieces.  I Opened it Mom is also festered by excitement and anticipation as pieces of this present/gift/toy are haphazardly  opened among other already opened present/gift/toys strewn across the torn gift wrapping papered floor.  I Opened it Mom might as well mean – I tore the present/gift/ toy and threw all of its contents into the air.

The remaining hours of the day are comprised of trying to match toys with their proper family based on color, texture and ill-advised “I am pretty sure it came from this box.”

Merry Christmas!


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