Online Shopping – I’d be Broke without it!

How is it that despite my conscientious preparedness, my detailed excel sheets and my solid dedication to creating a holiday shopping list for every one that needs to receive a gift from me – I find myself picking up the loveliest holiday scented hand wash for her and the perfect cuff links for him and oh I so need these elegant decorations for my home…even though I swore I would not bring one more decoration into our home.  Oh yes, I remember now.  I can’t distinguish between window shopping and actually buying it.

Hence my testament to online shopping.  Need to stick to a budget? Online shopping is king!  This was my first season in trying to purchase at least half of my gift list via the world-wide web.  Not only did I complete 3/4 of my list online, but with the aid of coupon codes, cyber sales and free shipping, I was under budget and beaming from ear to ear.

With just a few gifts left to buy, my downfall began.  In fact, because so much of my shopping was complete as I made my way to the stores and speciality shops, I was relaxed and merrily enjoying my shopping experience.  But when I walked into a store for just one item, I miserably failed at leaving with less than 15 gifts (both personal and for others) that I had no intention of buying.

Now one week out from the big day, my safe online shopping is no longer an option (with killer shipping fees) and my will is too weak to resist going myself.  So I resort to my very very last resort…

I send my husband.  Ebenezer Scrooge My husband, armed with my detailed list heads to the nearest store with the least amount of cars in the parking lot and proceeds to purchase the most cost-effective item that closely matches the item on my list. Should the closest store he finds be Home Depot,  anyone slated to receive gloves……

……..Klein Tools Journeyman Work Gloves (not to be confused with Calvin Klein) are not only warm, but perfect for shovelling snow and lifting heavy objects in the zero degree weather.

Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Online Shopping – I’d be Broke without it!

  1. I have the same problem. My issue with online shopping is I’m a very visual and kinesthetic person so I want to be able to see/handle/feel whatever I’m purchasing and I have a hard time committing to online purchases. At least you got most of your list in good peace! Maybe Scrooge will save you a dollar or two and inspire someone to do some gardening this spring with those great new gloves 😉

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