Did I Just Blow the Santa Secret?

We are all dressed in our fleece cozy-wear.  The hot coco is steaming from our mugs and we about to watch a family Christmas film.  No sooner has the film begun does the plot surface.  The lead character does not believe in Santa Claus.

Up until this moment, this issue of “not believing” hasn’t even crossed the minds of my seven and five year-old children.  Soon the barrage of questions begin.

“How does Santa make it around the world in just one night?”

“If we leave the fireplace on overnight won’t Santa get burned?”

and my personal favorite…” How come Rudolf isn’t always leading the sleigh?’

Did I just blow the Santa Secret by allowing my children to watch the film?  All of these films conclude with the lead character believing in Santa and all is right with the world again.  My children often comment on how the lead character should know better than not to believe, but the mere fact that this issue of not believing is coming to light, irks me.

I do not remember the exact moment I was told the secret, but I do remember the moment I blew the secret to my best friend.  In retrospect, I would like to give myself a arse kicking as I am sure her parents would have liked to have given me.  Now, twenty something years later, I am again on the verge of blowing the best, most innocent secret ever.

So I forewarn all parents whose children are too young to understand the films that question Santa – stick to the Rankin-Bass and Charlie Brown’s Christmas until they are at least seven.  Stay away from Elf, Polar Express and the Santa Clause.

For now, my children still believe and in a way, I still believe too – in the magic of Christmas!




6 thoughts on “Did I Just Blow the Santa Secret?

  1. I think the movies wrap it up well do you are in the clear. My mom constantly tells the story of how one year I pointed out innocently enough that Santa used the same wrapping paper as she did….fortunately she said she quickly recovered with a comment about him doing all the wrapping and using two papers the next year. Haha

  2. I’m sure they will be fine. Children are resilient in many ways. I, for one, held on to my Santa beliefs steadfastly for a few years after being told the secret. I just thought my friends were sadly mistaken 🙂

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