Sounds of the Season As Per Channel 1832

"I see it twinkling - really! Please pass me the ham."

The tree is trimmed, the stockings are hung and channel 1832 is providing us with hours of absurd holiday facts and bad renditions of our beloved holiday songs.

Note to Air Supply:  Who fooled you into thinking recording Winter Wonderland was a great idea?

Bigger Note to Mannheim Steamroller: Why “new age” a timeless classic like, O Christmas Tree?

Because each holiday ballad takes a minute or two to play, the facts which appear on the tv screen entertain us and provide us with even more cheer.  Some of our favorites include but are not limited to:

Neiman Marcus once sold Gingerbread houses for $15,000 to good little boys and girls. Who are these kids’ parents and did they let the kids eat the Gingerbread house?!?!

More than 1.6 billion candy canes are made during the holiday season….to the delight of dentists everywhere.

Recycled Christmas Trees are recycled and used for sand barriers – except our fake with lights already on – a genius idea which has saved many marriages!

In Germany, the mother is the family member who trims the Christmas Tree .…just one more thing to add to a mother’s to do list.  As if holiday shopping isn’t already super time-consuming.

This holiday activity is becoming our fast favorite.  Add spiced rum and soda, you”ll have an instant winner!


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