A Baking Mission

For those who have shared meals with us in our home, you are well aware that I can prepare a fine meal to dine upon.  My specialty lies in family style dinners, rich soups and pastas and my signature array of fresh appetizers.  Food is always plentiful and I am not shy of using cheese.

However, give me flour, butter, baking soda and a mixer and I am lost.  I am not sure when or how or why, but my baking skills are just horrendous.  Most of the year, I can avoid this lack of skill, but as the holiday season descends so does my inadequacy in baking.

Some of my past debacles?  My earliest memory of baking disaster was swapping baking soda and baking powder.  Result?  Explosion of brownie batter in the oven.  More recently, cupcakes (from the box) that somehow became one cake, snicker doodles that became snicker brick bars and my personal best, chocolate chip cookies whose recipe yielded three dozen but I somehow only was able to produce 11 cookies.

When I muster enough courage to try to bake, my children often gently beg to wait for Daddy knowing what a mess can ensue without him. So this holiday season, I am going to give baking one more shot.  Thanks to my Real Simple magazine, I have several simple easy recipes I am planning to try.

Beginning this weekend I will try to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch and every weekend through to the New Year, I am going to try a different cookie.  I can read. I can write.  This will be season I learn to bake.



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