So Today is the Day

London.  Barcelona.  Rome.  Just some of the cities my husband has flown to for work and I – lucky enough to tag along.  Some of my fondest memories came from some of these trips….

…….When he almost sold me for twelve white horses to the United Emirates fellow who was having drinks with us at the Grosvenor House bar, “Well, we aren’t technically married yet and living in a townhouse, we don’t have room for any real horses – per say. Thank you for your fine offer, but I prefer to keep her all to myself.”

Or when we were serenaded at Il Picollo Mondo while dining on orgasmic buffalo mozzarella while on our honeymoon….

….Or when we mis-ordered at a bistro in Barcelona and found ourselves with a table of six entrees instead of just ham and eggs.  In our defense, it was close to 10pm – not a normal dinner time for US folks.

Yes.  These were great cities and great times.  Soon, however, we settled down and began a family.  My husband, of course continued to travel, and I continued to have children.  Dublin, Berlin, Budapest, Paris and Milan for my husband.   Poppy diapers, runny noses, nipple confusion, Gymboree for me.

But today, I will not miss this next trip.  In fact, neither will my children.  We are flying together and heading to the land where dreams come true – Disney World!

Ok….so this my BAD MOMMY MOMENT.  Not my choice of the ideal vacation spot – Of all the places to join my husband for work, Disney is not my cup of tea.  I prefer European cities or sandy beaches, but the excitement beaming out of our two small traveling companions is contagious.

Our bags are packed and the tickets are printed with our names on it.  Christmas is coming early for my crew.  Disney World, here we Come!  And as my oldest says, “Hey Mommy, we get to visit ALL the places Daddy travels too in one day – and Mickey is there too!”


4 thoughts on “So Today is the Day

  1. I’d love to do all that traveling and hit Disney World, actually! We have annual passes to Disneyland since we live so close. At first I hesitated to get them because I couldn’t imagine enjoying a single day at Disneyland enough to want to go back over and over again. Now? I enjoy the rides, and I enjoy most of all Li’l D’s enjoyment of all of it. His smiles alone would make it a treat even if I didn’t love the Tower of Terror or California Screamin’ so much. 😉

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