A Milestone for Me

One year ago today, I took the plunge and began to write this blog.  In this past year, I have written 125 posts, have had 5557 visitors read my pages and a small loyal following of close to 50.  Incredibly, through this blog, I have connected with some amazing people and I have been given the privilege to write for some outstanding sites.

I do not make barrels of cash from this project – in fact, I do not make one penny.  However, the fulfillment, joy and satisfaction I receive is priceless.  Most importantly, I leave behind a written account for my children who are the never-ending source of material for this blog about motherhood.

So on this very special day, I thank my children for being my muse, my husband for his endless patience and support and for all my readers who have made me feel that I am not alone and not crazy as we ride this wild trip of motherhood together.


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