It’s All About the Negotiations

Despite moving meetings and deadlines and adjusting a busy work schedule, there WILL be events that working mothers will miss.  Much of this morning was consumed with negotiating attendance at future class events with my daughter once I told her that I would be missing today’s event. 

“Ok, you can miss today’s feast, but that means you need to attend the Holiday Shop as a helping mom, Book Fair, three morning drop-offs, two afternoon pick-ups and Field Day.”

I retort with, ” Holiday party, Holiday Shop as after school helper, one morning drop off and one afternoon pick up.”

We eventually come to an agreement moments before the bus arrives and I made my way to work dejected with the fact that I had to negotiate such terms. 

And just when I needed it the most, an angel (and fellow working mother who was able to attend) sent me a picture of not what I am missing, but of how much fun my daughter is having. 

Thanksgiving Feast!

I have spent the past twenty-something days being thankful.  Today, I am especially thankful for my very dear friend who with a simple click of a button, brightened my day!


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